Ghost under the bed

“I am going to take a nap,” I announced.

My five-year-old paid no attention.

“Would you like to sleep a bit?”

He shook his head.

I wished he would, as I knew my nap would not be peaceful if he was playing. Weekend naps were destined to be disrupted, and there wasn’t much I could do. 

Soon after I propped the pillows up and lay back with my book, he crawled into the room and sat on the floor with his toys, making a lot of whooshing and vrooming sounds.

“Please don’t be too loud,” I said without looking up from my book. “I really need to sleep.”

I put the book down after five minutes and turned to my side. I heard him walk out of the room and return.

“Can you come with me to my room?” he said. “I need to take a toy.”

“No, please go and get it yourself,” I murmured without opening my eyes. “Or else, play with what you have. We’ll get it later.”

“I need it now. I am afraid to go there alone.”

“Don’t be afraid. There is nothing in your room. After all, it is day time.” Please go, I whispered to myself.

I fell into slumber.

I heard his karate yell from the other room a little while later. I opened one eye and listened. He seemed to be fighting imaginary monsters or something.

“What’s up?” I asked, without raising my voice too much. I was afraid my nap would be frightened away if I shouted.

“There’s a ghost under the bed,” he declared.

“Yeah, okay,” I said, “I am sure you can fight any ghost.”

He came to my door. “I am frightened.”

“You are doing fine. Carry on.” Please stop talking to me, so I can concentrate on my sleep.

I heard more karate yells. Those seemed to give him courage.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes before I was woken up by him snuggling behind me into my blanket.

“What happened?” I muttered without turning around. “Got scared?”

He nodded. His nose rubbed against my back. It was cold.

“No problem, go to sleep. We’ll see about ghosts later.” I patted his back with my hand, relieved I could now sleep without getting disturbed every other minute.

There was an exciting and pleasant dream at the tip of my consciousness. I wanted to grab it before it slipped out again.

I heard a clinking sound. I listened without opening my eyes. A little later I heard it again. It came from his room. My senses froze.

“What’s that?” I said. “What’s that noise from your room?”

I felt the little cold nose move behind me. “That’s your son. He frightened me from under the bed…”

*  *  *

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7 Responses to Ghost under the bed

  1. Hannah Warren says:

    Wonderful story! Well-done. Really like it. Especially the cold nose.

  2. alukose says:

    U got me!!!! Is there a sequel?? I am waiting to hear what happened next!

  3. Ramu Nair says:

    Good one, Geena… 🙂 wonderful ending… I felt the cold nose…

  4. naseef says:

    haha. liked the climax. 😀

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